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Project Description

Industrial  Overview

As we look ahead to 2015 and beyond, it appears that although the world faces a host of continued challenges, the U.S. economy has finally turned the corner. We have seen strong economic growth heading into 2015, and new price and performance records have been set in the financial markets and in the commercial real estate market. This may be another “new normal”—the next chapter in an economic expansion that is dominated by our continued reflections back to the credit crisis and the structural changes that will linger with us for the foreseeable future.

 The Company

The company invests opportunistically and is a well-respected real estate investment firm that has deep relationships with real estate professionals, bankers, and attorneys in the U.S. commercial real estate market. The company continues to succeed in the most turbulent markets by being nimble, leveraging creativity, and maintaining a high level of integrity. The Investment Team has specialized in the U.S. real estate for over 50 years (collectively over 150 years of experience). Altogether, they have originated over $2 billion in real estate debt and equity and developed and repositioned over $600 million in real estate.


The company invests across real estate asset classes that include multifamily, retail, office, industrial and hospitality. The firm’s investments consistently share the following characteristics:

  • Class A & B locations.
  • Properties below replacement cost.
  • Substantial barriers to entry.
  • Markets with strong demand drivers.
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