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Oil & Gas – USA

Energy Project

Project Description


The oil and gas industry is one of the few remaining business sectors generating attractive noncash tax attributes which act as a natural tax shelter for the income produced from oil and gas investments.

The Company

The Company is a highly skilled and experienced company with a strong track record of successful Exploration & Production in the Mid-Continental U.S.

  • Direct investment in conventional vertical SW Kansas, NW Oklahoma, Texas panhandle and SE Colorado.
  • This proposal seeks to use the current downturn in the oil and gas business to acquire minerals and go after this acreage as it expires, mainly for conventional (vertical) drilling.
  • The team has multigenerational experience and success in the region.
  • The occasional horizontal well would be drilled where reservoir conditions specifically fit that drilling application, instead of the shotgun approach to development that the large companies have used.
  • Well-defined investment process.
  • Strong pipeline of investment targets.
  • Tax efficient and cost efficient.
  • Costs are very predictable and manageable, as well depths range from 3500’ on the north end to 10,000’ on the south end.
  • Reservoirs are almost all solution gas, or a weak water drive, making reserves very predictable.
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