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Clean Energy

Energy Project

Project Description


The opportunity provides Investors to own a portfolio of utility scale solar photovoltaic (PV). The opportunity consists of projects located in states with regulated utility markets and favorable renewable energy programs. All electricity produced by the projects will be sold to high credit quality utility companies under long-term, fixed-rate Power Purchase Agreements.

The Company

The Company creates investment opportunities that generate predictable income, preserve capital, and have positive environmental and social impact. The characteristics of utility-scale solar energy assets address each of these three areas and provide a unique opportunity in today’s low-yield environment. The managed renewable energy portfolios allow investors direct ownership of renewable energy assets and the pass through of valuable tax attributes associated with the underlying projects.

Investment Objectives
  • Create a taxed advantaged income stream by maximizing the value of the tax attributes inherent with solar energy projects.
  • Provide investors with direct access to high credit quality utility company off-takers at above market yields.
  • Ensure principal protection with scheduled return of principal distributions and the potential for a premium at the exit.
  • Realize positive environmental and social impact by facilitating the installation of over 300 megawatts of solar energy projects.
Solar Energy: A Compelling Investment
  • Predictable Returns.
  • Valuable Tax Attributes.
  • Positive Environmental and Social Impact.
An Innovative Solution
  • Well Defined Project Due Diligence Process.
  • Maximize the Value of Tax Attributes.
  • Minimize Execution Risk.
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