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Direct Investment

AFLG Holdings seek to acquire middle market sized privately held companies, and small divisions of public companies.

        • We buy companies to hold for the long-term
        • We generally prefer a control position, but also pursue minority growth-equity investments

Investment Criteria

Target Size:

    • Transaction value between $5 MM and $25 MM
    • Companies with a positive EBITDA
    • Companies above US$ 5 MM in revenues
    • Add-on acquisition to an existing business of any size
Industries of particular interest:

  • Industrials
  • Financial
  • Real Estate

Business characteristics:

  • Mature, proven products with strong market positions
  • Operations based in Florida or South America
  • Low or modest product liability exposure
  • Diverse customer base
Deal structure:

  • A typical transaction provides all cash consideration to sellers, or can take the form of a majority or minority recapitalization
  • We will structure transactions with a combination of cash, notes and an earn-out or similar performance incentive component.

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